As Summer Arrives, Interns Do Too!

Summer is here, and once again TECO is pleased to welcome student interns to support us during their summer breaks. TECO is honored to mentor and engage the students to ensure they have a solid learning experience while bringing value to TECO and our customers.

TECO’s internship program started more than 26 years ago when we offered paid summer internships to employees’ children who were at least 18 years old and enrolled in college.

The internship program has grown and evolved, with positions now open to students outside the TECO family. We try to place successful applicants in departments matching their interest areas. Most internships last from May to August, with some interns returning in subsequent years. All interns receive job safety training.

TECO’s 2018 interns recently gathered for a photo after meeting with TECO President and CEO Steve Swinson. From left to right: Cameron Smith, Linsey Whalen, Steve Swinson, Haley Ackman, Dolly Lam, Enrique Cordova, Joshua Regresado, Jared Heuer and Callen Clark. Not pictured: Ford Anderson.

Here is a quick look at the nine 2018 interns:

Haley Ackman – With us for her second summer, Haley is the daughter of Engineering Administrative Assistant Marsha Ackman. Haley is working with Clarissa Brewster, human resources manager, and also assisting TECO’s finance department. Her goal is to gain more confidence and experience communicating in a work environment. She is a first-year student at Brazosport College majoring in office administrative information processing. Haley is an avid Texans and Astros fan and enjoys reptiles.

Robert Ford Anderson, III – Ford worked in TECO’s finance department with Kevin Giblin and Jared Schneider, this year, his sixth with TECO. Referred by TECO’s Steve Swinson, Ford is a senior at Schreiner University majoring in finance and business administration. He has worked in various TECO departments, but found this year’s internship the most valuable since it related to his field of study. His best lesson learned is that “accuracy is more important than speed”! Ford enjoys history, art, golf, fishing and hunting.

Callen Clark – Callen is a first-year intern assisting Vice President of Engineering Bruce Turner. Callen is a senior mechanical engineering student at Baylor University. He’s interested in the power and energy sides of engineering, as well as design and materials. He looks forward to gaining an in-depth understanding of energy as it relates to engineering, going beyond what he learns in the classroom. He likes to play the guitar and is a real outdoorsman, with a love for hunting and fishing.

Enrique Cordova – Enrique is a second-year intern working with Jess Harper, supervising senior project engineer. He is the nephew of Operations Manager Jose Garcia. Enrique recently graduated from Dobie High School in Houston and plans to attend the University of Houston with a major in civil engineering. Through his internships, he hopes to gain valuable insight on construction methodology and information input. Enrique enjoys sports and music.

Jared Heuer – Jared is a first-year intern assisting Bruce Turner in the engineering department. He is majoring in mechanical engineering at Texas A&M University. Jared is the son of Duane Heuer, a member of TECO’s Finance and Audit Committee.

Dolly Lam – In her second internship with TECO, Dolly is working with Austin Kelly in IT. She is the cousin-in-law of Energy Engineer Kyle Fridley. Dolly is majoring in computer engineering at the University of Houston. She loves to travel and appreciates the work experience she’s receiving in IT.

Joshua Regresado – A second-year intern, Josh is working with Austin Kelly, IT manager/electrical engineer. Josh is the son of Instrumentation/Controls Field Engineer Rey Regresado. He is majoring in electrical engineering at Texas A&M University and enjoys working with computers and fishing. He looks forward to gaining experience working with electrical power systems.

Cameron Smith – Cameron is assisting Bruce Turner in the engineering department. Cameron is in his third internship with TECO and is an industrial and systems engineering major at Texas A&M University. He hopes to gain a stronger knowledge of the engineering industry and what it’s like to work in a full-time environment. He was referred to TECO by GE’s Robert Anderson. Cameron enjoys golf, poker and sports.

Linsey Whalen – Linsey is a first-time intern assisting Melissa Ripple and Larry Null with operator training and Barbara Johnston with environment health and safety projects. She is the daughter of TECO operator Steve Del Toro. Linsey attends Sam Houston State University and is majoring in health care administration. She desires to acquire a more in-depth understanding of management and environmental health and safety. Linsey says she is always up for a challenge and enjoys learning new things.

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