Thank You, Interns!

Another summer is drawing to a close and once again TECO is saying a heartfelt thank-you and a bittersweet good-bye to our summer interns.

Here is a quick look at TECO’s 2017 interns and their assigned departments (click image to enlarge):

Haley Ackman – human resources and finance. Haley is the daughter of Engineering Administrative Assistant Marsha Ackman. Haley graduated from Danbury High School and will attend Brazosport College. Her interests include forensic science.

Enrique Cordova – engineering. Enrique is the nephew of Operations Manager Jose Garcia. He is entering his senior year at Dobie High School. After graduation he plans to study mechanical or civil engineering.

Dolly Lam – IT. Dolly is Energy Engineer Kyle Fridley’s cousin by marriage. She is studying computer engineering at the University of Houston and is particularly interested in “white hat (ethical) hacking.”

Gordie Morrow – engineering. Gordie is the son of former TECO Operations Manager Gordon Morrow. He recently received is Master’s degree in mechanical engineering. He is interested in power production and aerospace and also plans to become a pilot.

Joshua Regresado – engineering. Josh is the son of Instrumentation and Controls Field Engineer Rey Regresado. He is studying mechanical engineering at Texas A&M University. He enjoys fishing and football!

Cameron Smith – engineering. Cameron was referred to TECO by GE’s Robert Anderson. It was Cameron’s second internship with TECO. He’s studying industrial and systems engineering at Texas A&M University.

Soon after starting at TECO, the interns went through safety orientation sessions similar to those attended by employees. Check out the related photo gallery below, from left to right:

Josh Regresado tested out ear-muffs in the East Chiller Building, where hearing protection must be worn. During safety orientation, employees are encouraged to find the type of hearing protection that is both comfortable and effective for each task.

Haley Ackman checked out the first aid cabinet closest to her office. It’s important for new employees to know the locations of the first aid supplies and emergency equipment.

Gordie Morrow practiced using the RKI gas meter while intern Enrique Cordova (right) reviewed the correct procedures during confined space training.

Dolly Lam tried on new safety boots. Sometimes even IT personnel are required to go out into the plant, so they need to be prepared with appropriate shoes and clothing.

Cameron Smith demonstrated the PASS technique (pull, aim, squeeze, sweep) to the other interns during safety orientation.

TECO’s student internship program started more than 25 years ago. We offered summer internships to employees’ children who were at least 18 years old and enrolled in college.

The paid internship program continues today and is now open to students outside the TECO family. We do our best to place successful applicants in departments that match their interest areas. The goal is to mentor and engage the students to ensure they have a solid learning experience and bring value to TECO and our customers. Most internships last from May to August, with some interns returning a second summer.

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