Board of Directors

Bradley N. Howell
Chairman, TECO Board of Directors
Chairman and CEO, Lodestar Logistics
Representative, Texas Medical Center

Donald DeWalch
Vice Chairman, TECO Board of Directors
Director, DeWalch Technologies Inc.
Representative, Texas Children's Hospital

Philip Aldridge
Associate Vice Chancellor for Business Development
The University of Texas System

Kevin Dillon
Senior Executive Vice President, Chief Operating and Financial Officer
The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston

Russ Korcuska
Vice President, Facilities Engineering and Construction
Memorial Hermann Health System

Ben Melson
Senior Vice President & CFO
The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

Barry Nelson, Ph.D.
Vice President for Finance and Administration
The Texas A&M University System Health Science Center

Bruce Phillips
Partner, PinPoint Commercial, LP
Representative, CHI St. Luke's Health

Robert Ramirez
Associate Vice President of Facilities Management and Construction
Texas Woman's University


Alternate Directors

Bill Bussman
Facilities Manager
Texas Woman's University

Denise Castillo-Rhodes
Secretary, TECO Board of Directors
Executive Vice President & CFO, Finance & Administration
Texas Medical Center

Bert Gumeringer
Vice President, Facilities Operations Texas Children’s Hospital.
Texas Children's Hospital

Michael Hatton
Vice President of System Facilities Engineering
Memorial Hermann Health System

Rayellen J. Milburn
Senior Associate Vice President for Finance & Controller
The Texas A&M University System Health Science Center

Spencer Moore 
Vice President and Chief Facilities Officer, Facilities Management
The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

Dan Sharphorn, JD
General Counsel, Vice Chancellor, UT System Office of General Counsel
The University of Texas System

William "Wes" Stewart
Vice President, Facilities Planning and Engineering
The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston

TECO SALUTES PAUL G. BELL, JR., Former Board Chairman

1966 - As chairman of the building committee for expanding St. Luke’s Hospital, Bell suggests considering an outside organization to provide chilled water and steam to meet increased needs. Based on preliminary study results, Bell helps prepare specifications for a central cooling and heating facility.

1967 - Bell is on the committee that selects Thermal Systems Inc. (Houston Natural Gas Company) as the preferred plant contractor. Houston Natural Gas is to own and operate the plant; the Texas Medical Center retains the right for future purchase.

1969 - Bell helps inaugurate the company’s first plant, the only district energy facility in the Texas Medical Center.

1975-1976 - As representative of St. Luke’s Episcopal Hospital, Bell serves on a subcommittee to evaluate the plant’s purchase by the newly formed Texas Medical Center Heating and Cooling Services Cooperative Association (later "TECO").

1977 - Bell appointed to a subcommittee to carry out plant acquisition negotiations with Houston Natural Gas.

1978 - After plant purchase, Bell selected as treasurer of TECO's permanent board of directors.

1983 - Bell serves on a subcommittee to analyze TECO's overall needs.

1987 - Bell proposes moving forward with the South Main project, a major expansion.

1999 - Bell appointed the second board chairman in TECO’s history.

2004 - Bell serves on an ad hoc search committee to identify TECO’s new president and CEO.

2006 - Bell guides the board through master planning and acceptance of proposed multiyear construction of a combined heat and power plant, thermal energy storage tank, additional chilled-water capacity and distribution system expansion to serve growing needs of Texas Medical Center.

2010 - Bell and other officials celebrate startup of TECO’s 48 MW combined heat and power plant.

2011 - Bell signals the startup of TECO’s new East Chiller Building, which adds enough chilled-water capacity to make TECO’s district cooling system the largest in the United States.

2013 - Bell steps down as board chairman after 14 years at the helm.

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