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In 1969 — our first year of operation — TECO had 10,000 tons of cooling capacity and 250,000 lb/hr of steam capacity. But times have changed. Over the past four decades, TECO has expanded along with the Texas Medical Center. We now have 120,170 tons of cooling capacity; 890,000 lb/hr of steam capacity; 48 MW of CHP electric generating capacity; and 16 MW of standby generating capacity.

Recent capacity additions and technological advances have increased efficiencies, improved emission levels and given us room to grow.

As of Aug. 31, 2017

Chilled Water



Number of customers 16 16
Number of buildings served 48 36
Square feet served 20.7 million 16.1 million
Energy sales 315,489,000 ton-hr 776,581 Mlb


Central Plant    
Number of boilers, chillers/fuels 14 chillers/electricity and natural gas 7 boilers/natural gas and diesel
Thermal storage tank 8.8 million-gallon chilled-water storage tank n/a
Combined heat and power system 48 MW 333 Mlb heat-recovery steam generator with duct firing
14 MW standby generation n/a n/a
South Main Plant    
Number of boilers, chillers/fuels 13 chillers/electricity 2 boilers/natural gas and diesel
2 MW standby generation n/a n/a


Capacity 120,170 (including thermal storage) 890,000 lb/hr (with heat-recovery steam generator and duct firing)
Supply temperature 40-43 degrees F 450 degrees F
Supply pressure 55-75 psi 400 psi plant, 250 psi distribution
Return temperature 52-55 F 150 F
Water volume in system 12.4 million gallons n/a
Steam pressure n/a 400 psi
Piping type Welded steel coated with coal/tar epoxy Welded steel, Schedule 40 with insulation
Piping diameter 6 to 60 inches 2 to 16 inches
Piping trench feet 7.7 miles 7.7 miles (portions of the line have three pipes)

Constant- vs. Variable-Speed Chiller Performance

Chiller Performance Graph

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Chilled-Water Production Efficiency

production efficiency graph

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