A Room Fit for Fitness

By 6 a.m. three days a week, TECO’s Karen Thomas hops on the company’s new treadmill, walking her way to good health. She’s just one of a number of TECO employees who take advantage of a great company perk: an updated, onsite 24/7 Health and Fitness Center.

Helping employees stay fit improves their health and wellness, reducing their sick days and minimizing work site incidents. That’s why TECO has had an employee exercise room on site for years. Recently, the 805-sq-ft center got quite a facelift, though, when TECO added more equipment and even a flat screen TV.

TECO’s Julian Brewster and Scotty Walker spearheaded the project, researching equipment and ensuring all work was done on budget. “The workout center makes it easy to get your exercise in,” says Julian. “Since it’s open around the clock, people on every shift can use it – before or after work or even during a lunch break. There’s something there for everyone now.”

Along with TECO’s Steve Swinson (left), Julian (center) and Scotty cut the ribbon on the renovated facility in August 2016. TECO provided employees with a small gift bag that included a workout towel, antibacterial lotion and a hot/cold compress. Healthy snacks were also on hand to help employees celebrate the grand opening.

TECO also participates in the TMC 02 weight loss challenge, with a number of employees seeing double-digit weight loss!

There’s always room for fitness!

Health and Fitness Center - Before and After the Upgrades! from TECOvideo on Vimeo.


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