Leadership AGC Visits TECO

Thermal Energy Corporation (TECO) opened its doors in February 2017 to host Leadership AGC, a group of local up-and-coming construction industry leaders. Nearly 25 members and group leaders toured TECO’s plant and met to discuss Texas Medical Center infrastructure and the role TECO plays on campus. (Photo gallery below.)

Established in 2014, Leadership AGC is a program of the Associated General Contractors of Houston (AGC Houston). The program gives participants an opportunity to meet with industry peers, learn leadership and management skills, and broaden their exposure to the history and future of construction in the area.

During each program year, up to 20 members participate in eight learning modules at diverse area locations. Topics include learning about legislative issues, the Port of Houston, personal and professional development, the art of leadership and an introduction to the Texas Medical Center. TECO has been a part of one of the learning sessions since the first program year, 2014-2015.

In February 2017 TECO hosted the group for a half-day meeting that included breakfast and lunch, tours, and presentations addressing TECO and the Texas Medical Center’s current and future growth.

AGC Houston was founded in 1923 and has 750 members. Thanks for visiting us, Leadership AGC. Come back again!

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