TECO Data Can Help Optimize Building Energy Use

District energy systems are uniquely well-positioned to help their customers manage their building energy use, per a recent article titled “How district energy improves building performance” in the First Quarter 2017 issue of District Energy magazine. That’s because each system’s “entire business is based on the reliable and efficient production, distribution and transfer of thermal energy to customer buildings,” writes author David Trigg of FVB Energy Inc. District Energy is the quarterly magazine of the International District Energy Association, of which TECO is a member.

District energy providers measure and track the energy use of each customer building – collecting detailed data that not only is only essential to efficiently managing those systems but can also offer invaluable insights into how a building is actually operating. Trigg points out that metering is generally quite accurate because it is used for customer billing purposes. Such information can be used to help customers troubleshoot problems, benchmark energy consumption patterns and improve HVAC system operations. “These services can help buildings lower energy use and improve occupant comfort – reducing their maintenance and overall lifecycle costs in the process,” he notes.

TECO can put our data to use to help customers optimize building energy performance. To learn more, contact Ram Goonie,, 713.791.6729.

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