TECO Marks Four-Year Safety Record

Graphic celebrating 4 years with no lost-time incidents

TECO is off to a great start in 2019. On Jan. 27, 2019, TECO set a new safety record: It marked five years – 718,116 hours – worked without a lost-time incident. This significant achievement is a testament to all of the focused, hard-working people at TECO!

The accomplishment means that TECO’s record is better than average. In fact, the average lost-time case rate is 0.7 per year for utilities that do work similar to TECO. (A lost-time incident means a work-related injury or illness has occurred that involves one or more days away from work.)

TECO embraces a safety culture, rewarding safe behavior and encouraging safety suggestions. Employees who submit safety tips that are implemented by the company receive a monetary gift – and the company’s sincere thank-you.

“We believe safety is an attitude,” says TECO President and CEO Steve Swinson. “The achievement is no small task given we are in a ‘full-contact’ sport. Many of our employees work in environments that require a great deal of exertion involving heavy equipment and tools. Their conscientious plant operation ensures not only their personal safety, but the safety of others and the ongoing reliability of our chilled-water and steam service for our customers.”

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