TECO Time Capsule Sealed, Scheduled for 2044 Opening

Standing 5 ft tall and weighing in at 400 pounds, Thermal Energy Corporation’s first-ever time capsule might be one for the record books. In late 2019 – the district energy system’s 50th anniversary year – TECO employees filled and sealed the steel capsule, to be opened 25 years later in 2044. (Photo gallery below.)

Employees themselves spearheaded the project, designing and constructing their own waterproof capsule. (TECO knows a thing or two about waterproofing!)

Then, wanting to share a bit of the past and present with future generations, individuals from each department submitted more than 55 diverse items for the capsule: computer operating system manuals; annual reports; an employee handbook; caps; jackets; mugs; a draft of TECO’s history; a District Energy industry magazine; an ASHRAE handbook; a red brick uncovered during trench excavation; Houston Astros, Texans and Rockets memorabilia; and more!

At an employee luncheon and time capsule dedication in late November, TECO displayed the submitted items next to the finished capsule so everyone could see what would be inserted inside.

Once the items were inside the capsule, employees closed it up and placed it in the East Chiller Building where it will go on display: “Open in 2044.”

Over the past two anniversary years, employees have enjoyed taking a look back at TECO’s history. They hope future employees will appreciate a similar blast from the past when the capsule is opened in 2044. Given TECO employees often stay with the company for decades, some of the younger ones will likely be around for the festivities. As the capsule’s contents are revealed, they can share their remembrances of “the olden days”!

January 2020
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