Telling Our Story in District Energy Magazine

The International District Energy Association's District Energy magazine runs a quarterly feature called "Telling Our Story", where it features member district energy systems and how they've communicated their stories to their communities.

TECO was featured in "Telling Our Story" in third quarter 2016 in article titled "A picture is worth a thousand words (and a tour, even more)." The article explains how TECO regularly tours customers and people from around the world through its plant, explaining how the system works and how it benefits the Texas Medical Center.

It also shows how TECO employees came up with a creative way to tell the TECO story through photos that are framed by cross-sections of chilled-water pipe.

TECO is honored to have been included in the publication. We hope other district energy systems are inspired to tell their stories as well. Together we can help grow the district energy industry.

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