Timeline Wall Brings History to Life at TECO

History has come to life at TECO as we wrap up the 50th anniversary of our district energy system. TECO installed a timeline wall (photo gallery below) that reflects how the idea for the system took root and grew into the award-winning system it is today.

Located at TECO’s Central Plant – the Paul G. Bell Jr. Energy Plant, the timeline is affixed to a wall across from the board room and runs down part of another hallway. It shows how TECO grew along with the Texas Medical Center and highlights the years each institution connected to the system. It provides a great look at some of our customers’ major medical breakthroughs – all supported by TECO’s reliable chilled-water and steam service.

The wall includes quotes from key supporters and photos of TECO leaders through the years. It even includes a maintenance cap from the 1980s, a flag flown in TECO’s honor in Afghanistan, and safety gear that reinforces the importance TECO places on a safe workplace.

TECO thanks William H. Kellar for his research on TECO’s history and the McGovern Historical Center at the Texas Medical Center Library for providing us with a number of important photos.

Take a quick look at our gallery below to see how the timeline took shape – and then plan to stop by our office to take a look in person!

December 2019
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