Our Customers

TECO’s heating and cooling services directly affect the daily lives of doctors, researchers, executives, nurses, caregivers, volunteers, students, teachers and more at the Texas Medical Center (TMC), just south of Houston.

TECO currently serves chilled water and/or steam to 19.3 million sq ft of space representing 75% of the building space on TMC’s Main Campus. TMC has 45 member institutions, with 8 million patient visits annually.

Institutions are not required to sign up for TECO’s service – they may operate their own boilers and chillers – but most find that land and space are too valuable to be allocated to equipment not related to their core businesses – patient care, research and education.

While the patient comfort and well-being is paramount, research also plays a critical role. Member institutions are currently conducting more than $1 billion in research. Research cannot be disrupted; reliability is vital. As a result, both research facilities and patient care areas must be carefully space-conditioned and monitored.

The Texas Medical Center (@TXMedCenter) began through the generous philanthropy of M. D. Anderson in the 1930s. Incorporated in 1948, TMC seeks to attract nonprofit, academically oriented institutions dedicated to medical care, health care, education and research. TMC manages the land and provides the infrastructure for this “city,” functioning much like a city hall for its member institutions.

Employees Focused on Excellence and Lifelong Learning

Whether it's through on-the-job training or classes at a local college, TECO's employees are striving to add to their knowledge base and enhance customer service and system reliability.



MADE to Help

You’ve probably seen the images on TV: Large utility trucks leaving your area to help repair downed power lines caused by a major disaster elsewhere in the country. Everyone lends a hand. The district energy industry, too, is ready to respond.


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