• Thank You, TECO Employees
    TECO held a special September cookout to laud employees for logging one year without a recordable or lost-time accident. More
  • TECO Marks Safety Achievement
    TECO’s employees recently celebrated a major safety milestone: one year without a recordable or lost-time accident. TECO takes safety seriously and believes a safe workplace sets the tone for everything we do. More
  • Join Our Team
    As part of TECO's team, you could be helping to serve patients, doctors and researchers at the largest medical center in the world. Check out employment opportunities and hear from current employees. More
  • Optimal Maintenance = High Reliability
    TECO’s Maintenance Manager Charlie Michalak heads up a team that's key to providing reliable cooling and heating service: “Right now I don’t think there is anything that could keep us from serving our customers.” More
  • TECO's $377 Million Expansion
    TECO completed a major expansion in 2011, which included a 48 MW CHP unit, new chilled-water tank, four 8,000-ton chillers and more. More

CHP Gaining Momentum

Combined heat and power and its energy-saving benefits are generating attention in the U.S. and around the world. Check out our industry news.



Helping to Relieve Grid Stress

Peak air-conditioning season is here and stories abound about the stress on the Texas electricity grid. TECO is doing our part to help out. During peak demand periods, we produce all of our own electricity and air condition our customers without tapping the grid – thanks to our combined heat and power plant.


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