What Our Employees Say

TECO’s employees past and present share their thoughts on what it’s like to work at TECO.

“TECO is kind of a large family-type operation. It’s not like being in a huge company. It’s like being in a ‘large-small’ company. And you get to know most everyone.” – TECO employee 1986-2019

“I don’t see people here at TECO who dread coming to work. People seem pretty happy to work here and that’s different. It really is.” – TECO employee since 2018

“When I first started at TECO, I was surprised by the number of group gatherings it has. They’re always coming together to celebrate. And I think that’s really awesome. They’re very cohesive here. They like to get together and do things. I think that makes it a pretty cool place to work.” – TECO employee since 2018

“TECO is rock solid. The pay is good, the 401k is good, the benefits are good. There’s an opportunity to make a career and retire there, then enjoy the rest of your life.” – TECO employee 1983-2018

“There are all sorts of fringe benefits at TECO. Awhile back we had some old IT equipment to get rid of, so TECO put employee names in a bucket and pulled tickets to give the items away. I make it clear when I interview people that TECO offers a lot of special stuff that you’re not going to get in other places.” – TECO employee since 2016



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