Safety and Training

safety first


Safety is a top priority at TECO, and its safety record reflects its success. In July 2021, TECO marked a safety milestone: 365 consecutive days without an OSHA recordable injury or illness as well as 365 days without a lost-time incident. TECO has a solid track record too: In January 2020, TECO marked five years without a lost-time incident.

Safety culture. TECO embraces a safety culture, rewarding safe behavior and encouraging safety suggestions. Although TECO has a safety committee, TECO considers safety to be everyone’s responsibility. Each person has a responsibility to themselves, to each other and to TECO to work safely at all times.

Employee involvement. TECO encourages employees to suggest safety improvements year-round. Employees vote on the suggestions monthly, with the top three vote-getters receiving a cash award. An annual winner is recognized at the annual safety and award banquet and receives a bonus.

Ongoing safety training. The company conducts regularly scheduled industrial safety training such as hot work space, personal protective equipment, fire protection, etc. to ensure safety remains top of mind. It also conducts forklift training.

Emergency management coordination. In addition, local firefighters make regular rounds at TECO. TECO also has a close relationship with Harris County’s emergency management personnel, meeting with them twice a year plus holding drills.


TECO has a full-time training staff to oversee and provide on-site training and has an on-site training center. It aims for continuous improvement by investing in employee training and reimbursing education costs, on- and off-site. It shows employees they are valued, instills confidence, improves performance and makes advancement and mobility possible within the company.

Operations training. Since implementing the original Operator Training and Certification Program at TECO, the training program has expanded to include initial operator training for new hires and recurring operator training for all operators. The operations training program is expanding to include all equipment at TECO’s Central Plant (including the East Chiller Building), South Main Plant and UTHealth’s Research Park Energy Plant.

Maintenance training. After successfully developing an operations training program, the training staff is focusing on developing a similar maintenance training and qualification program for all maintenance personnel.

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