Safety and Training


TECO believes that every person working at our facilities, whether they are an employee or contractor, deserves to go home at the end of each day just as healthy as they arrived. TECO emphasizes safe behaviors in every job we do.

TECO’s safety record continues to be outstanding:

  • Our FY2015 Workers Compensation Experience Modifer was 1.0, well in line with the industry's average.
  • We recently experienced 1,355 days – more than 3.5 years – without a lost-time incident.

At TECO, safety is everyone’s responsibility. Each person has a responsibility to themselves, to each other and to TECO to work safely at all times.


TECO added more than 700 pieces of new equipment as part of our Master Plan Implementation Project (MPIP) completed in 2011. With new equipment came the need for new training and operating procedures for TECO’s operators and related maintenance and engineering staff.

The company's Operator Training and Certification Program (OTCP) was carefully designed to convey everything from the fundamentals to advanced operating techniques for the new equipment. Its goal: bring everyone up to speed as quickly as possible to ensure safe, efficient and seamless operation and reliability.

Since completion of the initial MPIP training, TECO continued to enhance the program and include existing equipment. It now has online training materials, computer workstations and numerous systems training manuals, and hands-on equipment training that often includes manufacturer representatives.

From FY2010 to FY2015, TECO operations, maintenance and engineering employees have completed more than 24,963 hours of training. The OTCP has resulted in TECO operators passing 13 City of Houston tests to obtain various levels of boiler licenses.

TECO designed the program to allow and encourage employees to participate in training during their work-times, considering it a wise investment in quality operation and optimal customer service.

MADE to Respond

You’ve probably seen the images on TV: Large utility trucks leaving your area to help repair downed power lines caused by a major disaster elsewhere in the country. Everyone lends a hand. The district energy industry, too, is ready to respond.

In fact, TECO participates in the Mutual Assistance for District Energy (MADE) program through the International District Energy Association (IDEA). MADE, a voluntary program, gives participating IDEA members access to disaster assistance in the form of personnel or equipment from companies who know their business. The goal is to get the district energy system back up to full strength as quickly as possible.

In addition to TECO, MADE program members that are providing and receiving assistance include ConEdison, New York; Citizens Thermal, Indianapolis; NRG Energy Center Omaha; and Veolia North America, which has district energy systems in such locations as Philadelphia and Baltimore.

IDEA also holds annual online training sessions for participants, reviewing case studies of actual disasters and simulating emergency situations.

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