Mycah Jewell, PE, Celebrates First Year as VP of Engineering and Maintenance

When TECO President and CEO Mike Manoucheri transitioned to his current role in 2021, he left behind big shoes to fill. Instead of searching outside of the company, Mike and TECO knew the best candidate for the vice president of engineering and maintenance position was already part of the TECO team — Mycah Jewell. 

“Looking at his experience in engineering and maintenance roles, both within TECO and his past, he brings valuable insight and firsthand knowledge on a range of day-to-day and specialty areas,” said Mike. “He’s very focused, very technically competent.” 

Mycah joined TECO in 2016 as a senior project engineer and transitioned to maintenance manager in early 2018. After serving in that role for four years, his experience at TECO gave him a unique understanding of how maintenance, engineering, and planning can be used to enhance operations. 

But it wasn’t an easy decision. 

“I’m going to be honest; I was a little torn. I knew what I had in maintenance and knew I had some unfinished business,” said Mycah. “I also knew, being a degreed engineer and knowing what my pedigree is, that I liked the challenges the VP role presented and what areas we could improve.” 

After his promotion last May, Mycah’s expertise and vision have already enhanced operations. With a passion for maintenance and expertise in engineering, his relentless drive makes him a natural leader.

“People really respect him,” said Mike. “One thing Mycah does well is that he clearly communicates his vision and expectations.” 

Throughout his first year, Mycah focused on executing the gas turbine project and transitioning ownership of his former department to the new maintenance manager, Chris Wieland.

“Being in the active construction phase, our team is currently very busy with the gas turbine project. There is a lot of activity going on to prepare for its installation,” said Mycah. “The transition of leadership in the maintenance department has also gone well. Chris has picked up on things quickly and has taken full responsibility for the maintenance department.”

Whether he is overseeing the engineering and maintenance departments, planning long-term additions to TECO’s operations, or managing projects, Mycah is excited to take on any challenge.

“I look forward to continuing the evolution of this facility. We have projects being executed now, projects waiting to be executed, and a long-term plan (10-15 years) of enhancements,” said Mycah. “Preparing for the growth of the Texas Medical Center while also addressing day-to-day plant factors is what keeps things interesting.”

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